May 28, 2014

Last month I was commissioned by luxury hotel chain, Malmaison to photograph items from their restaurants new menu which centres around the brands new angus steak labeled as ‘Oh Angus’

I had a great time working with the chefs and management. The shoot itself took place at the chains Birmingham hotel which is located inside The Mailbox.

Here are some of my favourites… try not to drool, I know it’s kinda hard!

… now for you camera geeks out there I have listed the equipment used below.

Camera – Nikon D3X
Lenses – Nikon 24-70mm & 105 macro
Lighting – Elinchrom Style RX 600 / 600

Accessories – Silver and white reflector to bounce both natural and flash light.

Dec 13, 2013

I have recently been commissioned to get lots of key landmark images from around the country, I know a little different from what i have been doing recently with Fashion and Music sometimes the two combined.

I have only been to a few locations at the moment due to poor weather conditions and thankfully there isn;t a pressing deadline on this job… (theres a first for everything)

There is one building however I have always really loved in Birmingham and that is The Mailbox… apart from it’s cool name it really is a stunning building as far as buildings are concerned. The Mailbox also has a vast amount of eateries situated at the back on the canal.

Check out these two images I took the other day front and back. 

Jan 23, 2013

The BPA has existed in some form or other since 1930 and is dedicated to bringing those people who work in the creative industries in the Midlands closer together while at the same time raising funds for local, deserving charities.

The BPA does this via a calendar of long-standing social events throughout the year, where the emphasis is very much on ensuring our members have a good time and get to meet likeminded individuals within the industry. These events attract healthy attendances and make for excellent networking opportunities for individuals and companies alike.

BPA member organisations include media owners, advertising and marketing agencies, digital agencies, PR agencies, freelancers — in fact, most of the creative industries are represented in our membership. Also, those members include recent graduates right up to CEOs and MDs.

The BPA is a real-life social network that can help members broaden their own connections and open more doors – whilst raising money for charity and having some fun. Not a bad deal!