May 12, 2014

Now here is a subject that lots of people have touched upon time and time again but still I hear lots of people say well our wedding was amazing but I wish we had a better photographer.

There are lots of variables in my opinion to choosing the right photographer not just the typical debate I hear a lot of pro’s say ‘pro vs amateur’ Of course this is a big part of what I will talk about but let me start by saying I know a lot of pro photographers who don’t have a clue about wedding photography nor how to engage with a couple which is a HUGE PART!

Personally I believe it takes a certain person to photograph a wedding and this is more than photography it’s being able to work with a couple know, how to talk, re assure and coach because most wedding couples I know all say ‘I don’t really like my picture being taken’ making couples feel relaxed and knowing the images look amazing makes for an incredible day. People tend to be overwhelmed when a camera is pointed straight at them… I personally try and make people forget about the camera which isn’t always easy but having a relaxed bride and groom is the key in my opinion everything else from lighting, camera settings is part of the trade and something a pro should know inside and out.

No back to something I mentioned above, pro vs amateur. This is something I hear in everything not just wedding photography but when choosing a photographer for your wedding a pro is defiantly the best way to go, now this does;t mean amateur photographers aren’t good because I know a fair few who are fantastic however like anything this isn’t something they put all their time effort and skills into just like you wouldn’t want a amateur to make your dress would you?

Here is a little example to give you an idea of a pro vs amateur … now these images aren’t mine but something I have sourced online via Fstoppers (photography website) These images shows a similar angle same equipment and editing software used and with the caption ‘The one on the left was shoot by a photographer with hours and hours of camera knowledge and solid photography training. The one on the right was taken by your friend with a great camera.’